Interesting Facts Behind Musical Instruments You Should Know

Aug 10 2021 Do you know interesting facts about playing music? The fact reveals that the music that is played or listened to by someone can actually evoke positive emotions and affect the mood for the better than before. Playing instrumental music such as piano, guitar, and other instruments can actually provide benefits for the… Continue reading Interesting Facts Behind Musical Instruments You Should Know


Here we go once again……. On Wednesday April 23th we here at the Tribal Adventure Team bring to you…… D E E P D O W N G R O O V E S !!!!!!!! …For this evening we have a special night of talent lined up for you……. Our guests for this evening include…..… Continue reading DEEP DOWN GROOVES


endquoteAdministrator Registered: Jul 2001Location: Seattle, WAPosts: 151 Welcome to the new NorthwestTekno!So after months of planning (literally – originally this was supposed to go up in May), the new NorthwestTekno site is finally up! The main goals for this upgrade were to get a site that doesn’t crash our server, looks great, and has a whole… Continue reading NorthwestTekno!