How to Take Care of Musical Instruments Violin, Viola, Guitar, Cello

Music is one type of art that is very much loved by all people. Music is often used as a hobby by some people, especially young people. Therefore, it is not only people who are good at playing music who have musical instruments. Teenagers or even those of you who like to play music have now started to have a set of musical instruments to always be able to channel their hobbies.

However. Do you know how to properly care for your violin, viola, guitar, cello and other musical instruments? Not everyone pays attention to the treatment. In fact, musical instruments also really need maintenance so that they are durable or not easily damaged and still produce a melodious sound or sound or still produce quality sound.

Tips for Caring for Your Musical Instruments

  • Guitar

Some of the ways that need to be considered in caring for the guitar is to clean the strings. Look again at your guitar, if there is a lot of dirt on the surface, especially each freatboard. Use a guitar pick to clean the steering wheel in a cloth using a t-shirt.


In addition, the guitar also needs to have a case or bag. This will prevent the guitar from various kinds of impact. You can use a hard case or a soft case. Hard cases are generally made of thick and strong plastic or wood. While the soft case can be made of thick cloth or leather.


  • Violin

If you are one of those people who have the violin, but very rarely play it. So avoid storing in hardcase because it will cause mold. If you store in a hanging position, you should hang it upside down. Violin storage temperature also needs to be considered. Avoid temperatures that are too humid or too hot.


You can use rosin (dry pine resin) to clean the bow. This will cause the bow to remain comfortable when used to slide the violin strings. Use the rosin by rubbing the bow in the same direction. Cleaning is the basis for how to care for violin, viola, guitar, cello and other musical instruments.

  • Viola

The violin and the viola are almost the same, in terms of shape and even how to play them. Broadly speaking, the difference between the two is the tone produced. The viola will produce notes that are lower and heavier than the violin. Treatment of both is also almost the same. Cleaning with rosin and others.


If there is a hair bow that is cut off, then don’t pull it out right away. This will automatically cause the hair bow to be detached from the stick bow.

  • cello

The cello is a musical instrument that originated in Italy. Even classical music in Europe is closely related to the cello. The cello is played by swiping and pressing the strings. Cello maintenance must be done regularly so that the quality of the resulting tone remains of good quality.


The main thing to note is the dryness of the wood. The wood of a musical instrument will dry out over time which will also affect the tone produced. Clean the cello that is touched by hand using rosin. This is done to protect the strings and body of the cello from sticking hand dirt that can cause rust.

  • Keyboard

Just like how to take care of musical instruments violin, viola, guitar, cello. Taking care of the keyboard also requires patience and perseverance. Make sure you have an electrical stabilizer because fluctuating voltage can cause the keyboard power supply to be damaged. Clean the keyboard using cleaning fluid and a cloth.